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Ready for a Volkswagen?

Owning one has never been easier. We’ve worked hard to make financing and leasing as simple, flexible and efficient as possible. No matter what budget and lifestyle, at Norris Motor Group Volkswagen, we’ll have a solution for you.

Our finance experts are here to guide you through the financing process, help you understand what a good interest rate on a car loan is, and help you get into your new vehicle. Contact the Norris Motor Group Volkswagen finance team today if you’re ready to start the financing process or even if you just have questions.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

You don't have to change your lifestyle for a Volkswagen. Let the team at Norris Motor Group Volkswagen help you find a loan or leasing option that suits you.

Business Finance

Business Finance

At Norris Motor Group Volkswagen, we can help drive your business forward with financial services tailored to your needs.

More clever solutions

Volkswagen Choice

Volkswagen Choice

Your loan, your choice

Volkswagen Choice1 is our Guaranteed Future Value Program that gives you the option to trade in, retain or return your car at the end of a loan term.

Volkswagen Insurance

Vehicle Insurance

Comprehensive cover

Norris Motor Group Volkswagen can provide a range of personal and business insurance solutions for you and your vehicle. We are affiliated with some of the largest insurance companies in Australia to ensure your peace of mind.

Finance legal information

For more information about our financial services and products, read our and .

1. Volkswagen Choice consists of an option to return your vehicle to VFS at the end of the term and requires VFS to purchase the vehicle at an agreed price determined by VFS, known as the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV). At the end of the term, you can elect to: (1) trade-in; (2) return; or (3) retain the vehicle by paying the GFV, which is a lump sum owed to VFS at the end of the loan term after all repayments have been made. You will be liable for any loan contract deficit and additional charges if you exceed the nominated kilometre allowance and/or the vehicle is not in an acceptable condition. Fleet, government, rental buyers, hire car and chauffeur companies excluded.